Ultra HD

4k is a HD standard with 3840*2160 resolution.It is 4times of 1080p(Full HD),8times of 720(HD).The details can be perfectly shown.

Zoom/Focus interface

Uniview box cameras integrate Zoom/Focus interface,realize the Zoom/Focus remote control of lens without requiring PTZ platform,reduce cost and ease installation.

Spectra Vision

Cameras are able to tolerate +-25% voltage fluctuation,much better than regular camera's +-10%tolerance.AC24V cameras can well function under Ac 31.8V,#@.%%higher.

1+1 Share Mode

Camera with optical interface can connect to another camera via ethernet port.Two Cameras share the data transmission with only one optical fiber,savings wiring cost.


IP67indicates the product is dust proof and keep function under 1meter water for 1 hour.

Power Backup

poE function can backup for AC or DC ,improving device functioning stability

Surge Protection

Device alone can reach 6KV Surge protection ability without any external protection.


Uniview 1080p sarlight cameras provide clear color image even under 0.002 Luxlow light condition.

Corridor Mode

When 9:16 mode is applied,the portion of useful monitoring area can be increased upm to 80%.Meanwhile,since the vertical angle of view is increased,the blind angle is reduced.


SFP is an optical convert module that transform digital signal into optical Signal.With SFP,the data transmission range can be extended to tens of kilometers,much longer than regular Ethernet transmission .

120dB WDR

WDR function can ensure clear image with rich details when confronted with sharp lighting contrast,preventing dark or over-exposed image,ensuring great image quality.


Fluent fps image coding,smooth image without lag compared to 30fps image.


6 KV surge protection designed for network interface.

Outdoor or indoor cable junction box for IPC2XX and IPC32X series.

Lowlight surveillance H.264 High Profile Triple streams.