Day/night functionality Up to 120 dB WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

Accurate and fast focusing Smart IR, up to 150 m (492ft) IR distance .


Uniview has the third largest domestic market share, rich experience in IT, and innovative designs for products, which have been a solid foundation for stepping into international market.

Based on nine years of experience in IP video surveillance, Uniview’ s products and solutions are used not only in China, but also in international market, including public security, tra€ic monitoring, park, petrochemical surveillance, high-end buildings etc

Uniview is an innovation-oriented company. Among over 2000 employees, near 50% are from R&D Department. And every year, Uniview would invest more than 15% of annual sales into R&D, inventing world-leading technologies and products.

UNv unique and simple solution to this problem is the Corridor Format.The new format allows you to get a vertically oriented,"portrait"-shaped video stream from the camera.

The video is adapted perfectly to the monitored area,maximizing image quality while eliminating bandwidth and storage waste.

What is the best iPhone app to view CCTV cameras remotely over the Internet?
This is a very common question that the support and sales engineers at CCTV Camera Pros receive. With the exploding growth of iPhone usage worldwide, it is no surprise that users with video surveillance systems want to view security cameras installed in their home and businesses from their iPhone.

Uniview Guide mobile phone APP is the software you can get access to the latest information about Uniview anytime and anywhere. This APP comprised of product guide, solution introduction, successful cases and press release. One of the most helpful functions of Uniview Guide is you can check every product’s specifications conveniently.